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SisyphusIt’s 11:14 PM and I’m far into a dense vendor proposal for a corporate software solution.  My Xobni account indicates I’ve sent and received 321 emails to various stakeholders and vendors in relation to this proposed software purchase. Thanks to Cloud Computing, future IT leaders will never know of the Sisyphean task at hand when dealing with in-house IT implementations.

Forrester recently reported that 9% of IT buyers will purchase a cloud-based solution in 2010. Although that percentage might seem insignificant, I look forward to looking back someday and having a difficult time believing the lengthy infrastructure assessments and painful procurement processes I had to go through.

Here is some of the impact I expect to see as software continues to move online:

  • Try before you buy – Remember back to 2001 when the supply chain software company i2 was blamed for causing Nike to miss its revenue forecast? Although risk cannot be eliminated, using SaaS solutions often enables you to try many competing services for free, in your live work environment, before seriously committing.
  • Buy now – Limited infrastructure needs often means lower prices and simpler approval processes. Swiping a credit card online will help us distance ourselves from lengthy software evaluations that require executive approval before buying.
  • Use or cancel – Spreading SaaS services throughout your organization can be fast and simple. In fact, it might be too easy. Luckily, cancelling can be just as easy. Make sure you chose SaaS vendors with functionality and friendly policies for obtaining your data.

It’s now 11:32 PM, and more emails have arrived that require urgent attention.  The storm can’t arrive too soon.


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The Dish

The Dish, originally uploaded by joschneider_us.

This picture was taken just after the new year in Palo Alto. I was walking “The Dish” with Jamie and Lucas.

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