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Ever since his passing on October 5th, I had the strong desire to see where he had lived. I took the opportunity to stop by Steve Jobs’ house in Palo Alto before my Saturday yoga class nearby. The neighborhood is very tranquil and his home is rather understated for the leader of the biggest tech company in the world. An early morning jogger stopped by to admire the memorial. She said she didn’t even realize he lived there after all the years of jogging past his house.

Steve Jobs' House

Steve Jobs' Palo Alto Home

The memorial around his house was an emotional site to witness. Candles were still burning 4 days later and more half eaten apples than I could count surrounded me. An apple orchard surrounds his small yard. Something tells me he didn’t work to attain status, but rather worked hard to make his dreams a reality. He didn’t seem to lead the opulent lifestyle that he could have. A friend said that she saw him just 6 – 8 weeks ago eating sushi by himself on California street.

I wasn’t a die hard Mac fan from childhood. I was raised on an 8086 IBM clone that I saved for in 5th grade. I switched to Mac at the time that I considered the Windows OS to be in decline – the dreaded Vista years. Tired of the hassles and lack of reliability of Windows, I gave Mac a shot when a friend of mine at Apple extended his friends and family discount to me. Since then, my house is filled with beautiful Apple products that help me do a lot more of what I want to do.

I’m sad that he is gone, but nothing does last forever and Steve had an incredible run. He did things on his own terms and had a vision that will always captivate me.


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